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AC drives

- We are a leading supplier for low voltage AC drives in China in industrial electric motor speed control applications, like fans & pumps, injection mode machines, city water supply, crane etc. The power range is 0.4kW to 2.2kW for 1 phase 220V and 0.75kW to 500kW for 3 phase 380V with 0 - 400Hz output, detachable keypad and advanced technology like tracking electric motor speed in real time.
1 phase AC drive 1 phase AC drive Single phase 220V AC drive normally is for small power motor control, power range from 0.4kW to 2.2kW with 200V, 220V, 230V and 240V input.
Three phase AC drive Three phase AC drive The Low Voltage (LV) three phase 380V AC drives supplied by us inherited our old generation version's compact design and integrated advanced technology for new features, like tracking the AC motor speed in real time, automatic running in instantaneous power off, it's very useful in unstable power supply environment, dynamic current control and high torque in very low frequency. Power range is up to 500kW.
Variable speed drive Variable speed drive Wide range voltage input; 32 bit high speed CPU; built-in brake unit for 15kW power drive and below; dynamic torque current control, rapid response to load's change; detachable LCD/LED key panel; motor's rotate running direction selectable.
Adjustable speed drive Adjustable speed drive Most applications with electric AC motor require variable speed in different working periods, like injection mode machines and greenhouse, it's a waste if the machines running in full load all the time, the best solution for this applications is installing adjustable speed drive with variable frequency output to control the motor in variable speed to save energy.
220V AC drive 220V AC drive The 220V 3 phase AC drive is customized for special power grid like in United States which is difficult to get three phase 380V power. The input fluctuate rate can be 15 plus-minus.