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Adjustable speed drive

adjustable speed drive
Most applications with electric AC motor require variable speed in different working periods, like injection mode machines and greenhouse, it's a waste if the machines running in full load all the time, the best solution for this applications is installing adjustable speed drive with variable frequency output to control the motor in variable speed to save energy. We are a professional supplier in automation control industries like variable frequency drive, inverters.

Main Features

Power range: 0.4kW to 500kW
Input voltage: 220V - 240V, 380V - 440V with fluctuate ± 15%
Output voltage: 0 - input voltage
- Special magnetic flux vector control adjustable frequency drive
- Adjustable output torque and frequency
- Adopt 32 bit high speed CPU to ensure accurate control and fast response to load's change
- Built in brake unit for the power 15kW or lower
- Easy achieve close loop control with build in PID
- Provide RS 485 communication, comply with Modbus-RTU standard
- Check and adjust parameters online
- Offer LED / LCD key penal for option
- Dynamic torque current control mode to response load's change promptly
- Enhance programmable multiple functions input/output terminals
- Special for spinning control with wobble frequency
- Track motor speed and direction in real time to protect motor from shock impact
- Stable running in unstable power supply area, automatic start in instantaneous power off for a certain time


The variable speed drive can be used in paper, printing, steel, plastic machines, fans, pumps, city water supply, cement, packaging, extruder machines and much more.