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Variable speed drive - Motor speed controller

variable frequency drive
Generally the induction motor efficiency rate can be up to 90% while it working under its rated loads. But unfortunately most applications are not running in full loads, it's typically consuming 60% - 80% of their rated input electricity energy, it's wastefully, especially under 50% loads. Hence, it's worth to install a variable speed drive to control motor speed according to different working period to make the efficiency up to 85% all the time. Plus, the variable speed drive (VSD, also called Variable Frequency Drive) can't be treated as soft starter to the electric AC motor, it decrease the maintenance cost for the motors.


Vector control variable speed drive
Power range: 0.4kW to 2.2kW for single phase 220V
0.75kW to 500kW for three phase 380V
- Built in brake unit for the power less than 15kW
- Built in PID for easy achieve close loop control
- Output high torque under low frequency
- LED / LCD key panel for option
- Tracking AC motor speed in real time
- Continuous running automatically in instantaneous power off, advanced function for the area with unstable power supply
- Support Modbus-RTU, RS 485 for easy communication with PLC
- Special wobble frequency for spinning control
- Adopt 32 bit CPU to ensure rapid response to load's change and accurate control
- Rich fault protection to monitor AC drive operation record


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