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Discuss everything about automation control & power industries, don't hesitate to share your experience with others regard to what happens during your career in these industries, it's respected to help each other.
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One means of inverter is a device that converts AC power to AC with different frequency output to control electric AC motor speed, the other means power inverter which is convert DC to AC from low voltage to normal city power supply, especially in solar green energy applications.
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Power source
Power source is a device that can output sine wave adjustable frequency and voltage to power different specified equipments in different countries with different voltage/frequency input, it solves the compatibility problem between different power grid. Share your experience here with others about this AC power source.
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05-29-2019 01:31 PM
Variable frequency drives
Variable frequency drive is used for control electric AC motor to get variable speed in different applications to save energy and motion control, it also called AC drive, frequency inverter.
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07-21-2019 09:51 PM
All accessories discussion about automation control & power, like brake unit, braking resistor, EMI filters etc.
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Energy saving
The planet is going mess, energy saving is related to everyone's daily life in modern societies, let's share & discuss what are the efficiency ways to make our planet better by energy saving in automation control industries.
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06-02-2019 07:17 PM
Practical Application
What's the technical question make you confused in automation control & power industries, what's your useful skills to solve this question during the practical application. Ask & share all of those things here.
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by Steve
10-10-2012 10:15 PM