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Three Phase Low Voltage AC drive

3 three phase frequency inverter
The Low Voltage (LV) three phase 380V AC drives supplied by us inherited our old generation version's compact design and integrated advanced technology for new features, like tracking the electric AC motor speed in real time, automatic running in instantaneous power off, it's a very useful function in unstable power supply environment. Dynamic current control and output high torque under very low frequency. Maximum power is up to 500kW.


Power range: 0.75kW to 500kW
Input voltage: 380V to 440V with fluctuate rage 15% plus-minus
Output voltage: 0 to rated input voltage
1) Sensorless vector control AC drives
2) Automatic continuous running after power off in a certain time
3) LED / LCD keypad for option
4) Adopt 32 bit high speed CPU to enable fast response to load's change
5) Built in brake unit for power below 15kW
6) Advanced speed control accuracy to enable synchronization and position control easily
7) Support Modbus-RTU, offer RS 485 for easy communication with PLC control
8) Enhance fault protection to monitor running record easily
9) Special wobble frequency for spinning control
10) Enhance high torque output under low frequency
11) Tracking motor speed in real time to protect motor from shock impact
Plus, we made customized AC drives for specified solutions according to customers different requirements.


Textile, City water supply, Pumps, Plastic extruding machines, Fans, Wooden machines, Cement machines etc.