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220V three phase AC drive

220v ac drive
The 220V 3 phase AC drive is customized for special power grid like in United States which is difficult to get three phase 380V power. The input fluctuate rate can be 220VAC with 15 plus-minus, functions & parameters are same as the general purpose three phase 380V AC drives.

Main features

Power range: 0.75kW to 55kW
Input voltage: 220V, 230V, 240V ± 15%
Output voltage: 3 phase 0V to input voltage
- Vector control mode AC drive
- Adopt 32 bit high speed CPU to ensure stable running
- Track motor direction and speed in real time
- Built in PID for close loop control
- Built in brake unit for power less than 15kW drives to achieve accurate control with brake resistor connection
- Check & adjust parameters online
- Support RS 485, comply with Modbus-RTU communication standard
- Rich fault protection function to enable operation monitoring easily
- Simple PLC control for multiple step speed control
- LED, LCD keypad for option
Furthermore, we customized AC drives according to customer's different requirements for different solutions


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