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Three phase frequency inverter

3 three phase frequency inverter
Our general purpose 3 phase 380V to 460V frequency inverter can be installed in most applications, like pumps, fans, city water supply system, textile and much more. We are a leading supplier in China and thanks to our strict quality control system (we test each unit for 48 hours before it goes out of the factory to ensure qualified inverter), our frequency inverters shared lots of Chinese local market and have been exported to most of countries in the world, like India, United States and more.


Power range: 0.75kW to 500kW
Input voltage: 380V to 460V ± 15%
Output voltage: 0 - input voltage
1) Sensorless vector control frequency inverter
2) Wide range input voltage
3) Tracking electric AC motor speed in real time
4) 32 bit high speed CPU to ensure fast response to load's change
5) Automatic running in instantaneous power off, it's extremely useful in the unstable power supply area
6) LED / LCD keypad for option
7) Output high torque under low frequency, 0.5Hz / 150%
8) Build in PID for easy close loop control function
9) Build in brake unit for the inverter with power less than 15kW
10) Check & modify parameters online
11) Dynamic torque current control to enable rapid response to load's change


City water supply, Pumps, fans, Textile, Plastic extruder machines, greenhouse, Printing, Package etc.