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10-14-2012 09:24 AM

Variable frequency drive request

I think you guys come here maybe interested following inquiry I got:

Based on our interactions with you and others on variable frequency drive and 3 phase AC motor Pumps, we have expanded the offerings within our farm irrigation system, for variety pumping applications like Bore well / Booster / Exchange / mini / micro/ dosing / fogger / mister / sprayer / miscellaneous.

We have finalized most of the other products (around 30) for the project scope and expect to release all sample orders progressively over the next one month.

Regards our business and Variable frequency drive..

Product range required & What to expect :

Project based buying, product with bare plain casing.

We don't intend to trade or supply to open market or promote product separately.

· A :: DC input / 220 volt 1 to 3 phase VFD drive; from 100 watts onwards; (1 / 2 / 4 integrated in a board).

· B :: 220 volt 1 to 3 phase; from 400 watts onwards; by 1 piece in a board / casing.

· C :: 380 volt 3(with phase lock removed) to 3 phase; from 750 onwards upto 5 or 7 KW – small frame ; Bare board / full product casing.

· D :: 380 volt 3(with phase lock removed) to 3 phase; from 5 or 7 KW onwards (22 KW) – size up frame; full product casing.

Adaptability to both RS 232 / 485 interface.

Phase lack function removed, in case of 380 V 3 ph AC drives.

MOU Quantity per 3 to 4 years

A DC input VFD; 100 watts Plus 4000 to 12000

B 220 volt 1 to 3 phase; 400 watts plus. 1000 to 1500

C 380 volt 3 to 3 phase; 1500 watts Plus 2500 to 7000

D 380 volt 3 to 3 phase ; 5 or 7 KW watts Plus (max 22 KW) 1500 to 2500

· 6 months business pick up time.

· 60% in the 3rd and 4th year of operation.

How we like to work :

For each of the product groups, A,B,C,D, we like to sample out the best 3, weighed on operating excellence, quality of parts used, features, warranty and price. Please explain the main parts that you use.

We like to complete testing in 8 weeks.

We like to develop association with 2 suppliers and write device drives, to interface with our RTU board and integrate, for a planned life span of 3 to 5 years. Confirm duration of your product availability. Please confirm transition compatibility for device variable frequency ac drives, that we will develop now, for digital (RS 232 / 485) interface.

Requested Terms of buying ::

· Undisclosed, private, MOU for 5 years.

· Review of prices yearly / on exchange fluctuations.

· Apply progressive volume discount by the shipment OR quarterly credits; on shipped Quantity.

· Ship by a pre-agreed base price for every delivery.

· Our Client order based indent will reach you.

· You can accumulate immediate / weekly / fortnightly and ship to us as a lot.

· You may offer ex works price, If you like.

· Warranty : Offer your best. Balance off (for 3 years) will be added to your cost, based on standard failure rate and price adjusted.

· Please let us know your expected ex works failure rates, during 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 th year of operation.

· Let us know the general service life at 50% 80% 100% loading. (Input current); 8 hours a day basis.

Features expected

1. For 3 phase AC drive – removal of phase loss function ( through soft commands / our field settings / your factory settings. Please specify.)

2. Wide voltage range of operation. Please specify.

3. Support 4 to 20 ma (analogue PID) as well as digital PID feedback of pressure, or both while running, depending on the application needs.

4. Additional Features we look for…

a. Purity of sine wave, energy conversion efficiency, good control reaction for constant pressure application, self learning. Please specify.

b. Power metering – KWH.

c. Parameter read outs on Input side - Voltage, Current, pf, KVA.

d. Rich library functions - start routines, stop routines, boost up routines, tune pressure to a input current rating…etc

e. General library event triggers and user defined trigger function support.

f. User programmable step function support. (one example is … valve change over operation consisting of :: stepped Pressure reduce, alarm on reaching, hold pressure, wait for signal from master, on signal step wise pressure boost routine, signal out on reaching)

5. Possibility of 4 to 20 mA analogue output to control proportional valve / slave VFD drive.

You may re-offer your quoted prices keeping in mind that this is the potential window for entry for this 5 year project MOU is now. We don't like to negotiate any further.

Take a day or two and think and offer your best.

I heart fully appreciate your patience, endurance and interest in engaging me for a long time. Wish you all the best.

Note ::

For Sample drives purchase, you can offer samples discount, separately..

We don't want any refund on rejected samples or return samples that don't make to the final list.

One time, Deep discounted sample price are most welcome as we don't like to test and use free variable frequency drive samples.

Thank you.

The shared email was shivshakti.india@hotmail.com
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