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AC Drive Inverter Operation

In AC drive normal running state, you only need to set following processes:


In the pre-start state, press the "start" button of the touch screen, the ac drive will work and drive motor running slowly to set frequency. Note: this button only work under no fault alarm condition.


Each time you press the touch screen "accelerate" button, the ac drive inverter output frequency will rise 1Hz. Need to pay attention, the inverter drive must in VVVF running to make this button work. In addition, you can also directly set the P50 is to achieve the frequency value. Specific method: press the "set" button on the touch screen, pop-up parameter setting frame, the P parameter number field, enter 50 in the P parameters passed by value: enter the pre-set frequency value, and then press the P parameters under the button to determine.


Press the the touchscreen "deceleration" button, the frequency inverter output frequency will drop. The step has been set to 1Hz. Note: the inverter must in VVVF running status to make this button work. In addition, you can also directly set P50 to achieve the set frequency value, the specific method you can refer to the "accelerated" part in above.


Press the touch screen of the "stop" button, the AC drive output frequency will slow down until stops, and then close the outlet valve of the pump. At this time, the drive will enter the pre-boot state. The frequency inverter stopped off high pressure is required in addition to repair and maintenance, generally do not need to re-breaking high pressure, then can re-press the "Start" button to start the drive. Note: first, the electric motor must stop completely before start the ac drive inverter again; Second, when inverter stops, though it stop output, but the ac drive still has electricity, so the inverter drive's door must not be open, otherwise it will be a risk of electric shock.

inverter environments Requirements

The high-voltage inverter is electronic products, its operating environment has clear requirements as follows, but are not limited to:

Ambient temperature: 0 - 40 C

Relative humidity: not more than 90%, non-condensing

Voltage rating: 380 - 440 VAC

Rated current: 50A

Rated frequency: 50Hz

The grid fluctuations: normal circumstances is not greater than ± 10%, the minimum is up to 60%.

Grid power failure: small

Output overload: 120% for 1 minute; 150% 5 cycles; 200% immediate protection occur

Altitude: not more than 1000 meters

Dust pollution: allows a small amount of dry non-conductive pollution, but still need to regularly dust clear.
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