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Maintenance for inverters

The inverter has been more widely used in automatic control. The inverter used in the normal 6 - 10 years, entered the high incidence of failure, often burned components, failure, frequent error protection function failure phenomenon, seriously affecting its normal operation. Different inverter failure, the failure category have some common characteristics and laws of the actual repair to seize its characteristics, master fault of the law, will be able to do the maintenance work of the frequency inverter, the inverter in practice the various failures to be addressed and resolved in a timely manner, and extending its life. First of all, according to the use of the inverter technology specifications, well-developed routine maintenance measures and the maintenance cycle, the hidden faults to be resolved at an early stage, in particular, the frequency inverter is used in harsh environmental conditions, this measure is more important. Second, professional maintenance staff must fully understand the principle, structure and control methods common sense. Also, there is a wealth of practical maintenance experience and solid knowledge of electrical theory.

Maintenance process includes the following aspects: the first step, asking the frequency inverter fault phenomena, including before and after the failure of the external environment changes. Such as abnormal fluctuations in the power supply, load changes. The second step, according to the description of the problem, analyze the reasons that might cause such a failure. The third step is to open the maintenance of equipment, make sure the program is damaged, analyze the feasibility of recovery of maintenance. The fourth step, the device is damaged position by reading the circuit analysis of the circuit works, and to find out the damage to the device, as well as some electronic circuits. The fifth step, find related devices to be replaced. The sixth step, make sure that all may cause a malfunction, all the reasons to exclude the case, the power to experiment, to do this step, the general requirements of all external conditions are met, and will not cause failure of further expansion.
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