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08-13-2012 09:42 AM

Check the frequency inverter working status

Experiments show that the ambient temperature of the frequency inverter is increased by 10 ?, its service life reduced by half. To this end, in daily use should be based on the actual use of environmental conditions of the frequency converter and the load characteristics and to develop a maintenance cycle and system in each cycle of the frequency inverter overall disintegration of comprehensive maintenance, inspection, measurement, etc. hidden faults in the early detection and processing.

Regularly (according to the actual environment to determine its cycle interval length) of the inverter to maintain a comprehensive inspection, if necessary, rectifier, inverter module and the control cabinet board disintegration, check the measurement, dust and fastening. Converter air inlet on the outlet is often due to dust or too much dust and clogged its own heat dissipation, ventilation volume, and therefore run for a certain time, the circuit board (due to electrostatic interactions) dust shall be cleaned and inspected. After the repair of circuit boards, busbar, to make the necessary preservative treatment, brushing insulating paint, the mother of a partial discharge arcing row shall be taken in addition to its burr, and the insulation treatment.

Insulation breakdown of the insulation column should be clear that the charring or replacement. Check on all terminals, fastening, to prevent the occurrence of loose cause severe fever phenomenon. The input (output) side, rectifier, inverter module, the DC capacitor and fast-acting devices to conduct a comprehensive inspection, parameter determination, found burned or device parameter changes should be replaced.

Fan rotation status of the frequency converter should always carefully check the power, the hand rotating blades, observed bearing whether the card is dead or rotation is not flexible phenomenon, if necessary, replace the handle. Carefully check the control circuit board electronic components, sealing off of the inspection and processing, color, bulging, cracking, break (printed circuit board lines) anomalies, if necessary, the appearance of abnormal components, sealing off from the circuit board measurement of inspection or replacement. Check the main contactor and auxiliary relays, careful observation of each contactor static and dynamic contacts with or without arcing, burrs or surface oxidation, uneven, such issues should be the corresponding static and dynamic contact to be replaced to ensure that their safe and reliable contact. Regular checks of the degree of power supply voltage fluctuations. To improve the frequency inverter using the environment and load fluctuation phenomena, and to avoid high current inverter shock.
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