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Sex. Wine and Dominoes.

Sex and health =!!= Sex and health: a causal relationship =!!= Lowering potency: is there a reason to panic? =!!= Sexual intercourse: the quintessence of feelings and vitality =!!= Prolonging sexual intercourse: a long-distance race =!!= Extending erections: higher, bigger, stronger Sex and men's health: a causal relationship
In the course of numerous experiments, scientists have found that the main cause of early death of men (and the average life expectancy of the male population in Russia is only 59 years) is an irresponsible attitude to their sexual health. At the first failures in the work of the sexual system, men are subjected to stress, go out of a state of mental balance. In 80% of cases, sexual unrealization results in severe depressive States, neurosis, and manifestations of uncontrolled aggression. There is a perfectly logical explanation for this from the point of view of physiology. The fact is that the male hormone testosterone, which is the most important factor in the work of the heart, kidneys, liver, and nervous system, can only be produced during sexual intimacy. A man with shaken sexual health often begins to feel a General malaise, becomes irritable, untidy, aggressive and overly emotional. And this directly leads to the fact that a person does not have enough strength for self-realization, which for men is a priority in life.

It turns out a very dark picture, resembling a closed circle. How to get out of it, how to solve problems? You can find answers to many of your intimate questions by visiting the recommended resources below.

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